Our ‘man in glasses’ is getting ready for launch – and so are we!

In our brand new online store there will be a a mix of photographic prints, graphic posters and typographic art. Colours and brights for those craving for some accents in your home or monochrome if that’s your preference. Sizes vary from 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 – better go measuring the space of those walls at home:-)

Not long now…. xoxo

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The Botanical and Secret Garden, from our Photographic Art collections, and Typographic print ‘I’d rather die of passion than of Boredom’  are looking real nice together, don’t they? A good balance we think! It’s nice to mix it up with monochrome, colour, typography and romantic photography!


With an eccentric collection of furniture, design pieces, books and wall art, this heirloom home clearly embodies the spritit and personality of its owner. There’s a mix of old and new, wood and chrome, leather and silk. Black and white stripes and monochrome wall art combined with earthy tones. Accent colours of royal yellow, blue and soft teal with dark brown floor boards and concrete in the hallway. Simple light bulbs on metal chains, a morroccan style ceiling lamp from Marrakech Design and crystal is shedding light at night.

Antiques and vintage finds such as a Rokoko side table, a Gustavian style chair and an old, beaten painters ladder is mixed with newly produced furniture from Coco & Cream /Australian Jennifer DumetIKEA and GRANIT. Lots of nice little design details from the design mecca of Gothenburg  Alvhem Interiör and Artilleriet. The art collection combines family portraits with graphic posters and self made designs. Iconic photography from the likes of Richard Avedon, Illustration by Lovisa Burfitt from Room21, photographic prints by Gothenburg based photographer Dan Isaak Wallin as well as art prints and paintings by artist friend Hanna Ekegren. The coal sketch is a portait of ‘the lady of the house’ – made by talanted Melbournian Emma Vandenberg.

The home styling strategy? Simply to build a home that holds everything loved and treasured – new or gathered over time by the owner. And by prioritizing a large dining table before space, all of the most wanted guests can fit in as well:-).

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Exciting times. Print proofs of our first collections of wall art are here. It’s like a candy store at House of Beatniks at the moment. Our photographic prints have come out really nicely. And whilst fine tuning our designs and selecting the right paper stock and quality for our posters, our web based gallery is piece by piece taking shape. Not long until we are open for business. Woohoooo


Isn’t it incredible when you get into that creative flow? When you get totally absorbed by what you are doing and forget time and space and everything else around you? When you suddenly stop thinking and your hands just do it all for you. Perhaps this is something only fellow creative souls can understand but it really is special when you realize several hours have passed, you’ve forgotten to eat, to drink, to check your messages – and to go to bed. It must be similar to a state of meditation. Even if you are soo so tired you feel inspired, satisfied, and filled with energy all at the same time.  Relaxed and enriched.

This is probably the essence of what makes great design and art so exciting and fulfilling. It cannot be produced – it has to be created. With heart, soul and sometimes a bit of crazy imagination.

As an artist you cannot order inspiration. But, an experienced one knows where to best find it. Do you get your spark from a walk in the city, architectural masterpieces or by chatting to interesting people perhaps? Or, is your mind skipping away to the most extraordinary places by simply being in nature? Awesome tunes or movies? Or from the bottom of a real fine bottle of wine?

Today we might think everything has been done already, there is so much amazing stuff around and it’s hard to create something new. But, for every single person in this world there are different perspectives, view points and ways of taking in information, interpreting it and doing something with it. Different backgrounds, ambitions and experiences. That’s what makes incredible artists so fashinating. Their perspective. It’s hard to be narrowminded as an artist because it means you are always limiting your mind to what you know, being very selective with what you take in.

Diversity is a goldmine for inspiration. And it is also a positive outcome for those enjoying the results. 

At House of Beatniks we celebrate diversity, variety, positive energy, words and generous thoughts. We are free spirits who thrive on life and intresting perspectives. We love the work of art – whatever the shape, colour or heritage – as long as there is passion and positive intentions behind it.

That’s our culture! x


New poster collection with graphic illustrations coming soon!

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Natural backdrop, perfect light – and my gorgeous sister. I absolutely love to capture magical, happy moments and warm, beautiful people. This picture is particularly special to me of course.

Love and respect //

P x

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Inspiration from a lovely Norweigan-Swedish family home. This Oslo house is tastefully decorated with beautiful drift wood furniture, wool textures and earthy tones. There’s a perfect mix of contemporary details and well kept traces of the old heritage of the house. The icy grey walls presents a stunning contrast to the warm, beautiful wooden floor. This family has really created a place to call home, in perfect scandinavian style!

Ps. The posters from House of Beatniks (‘Flora’ in blue and ‘Secret Garden’ in purple) will soon be found in our webshop – stay tuned!

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We are loving the beautiful colour ‘teal’ and all shades of blue’s, green’s and turquouse for this coming season. (Image ref. from google.com/ )

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