Sometimes it’s not about what we see, or what we hear or read. Art doesn’t have to be a clear picture or obvious words. Sometimes it’s about how we interpret things. To me, the expression can be something completely different to someone elses experience. I like that – when it is open for interpretation. A bit abstract with space for imagination and individual, personal interpretation.

One of my favourite pieces in our House of Beatniks art portfolio is the ‘ISTID’ collection. A few months ago I went to a beautiful place outside Gothenburg, on the island of Tjörn, to see the Kettle Cows. During our walk I stumbled across the most beautiful formation of icicles on the rock. So, yes, this is a close-up photograph of an icicle but it sure does look like a spine some say. Or fossils. What do you see?

The ‘Istid’ poster and photographic print is very graphic, abstract and a real statement piece if you blow it up large and put on your wall. Click here to view it in House of Beatniks webshop.

Love & Respect,

Pernilla xx

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 The ‘Lost and Found’ collection includes illustrations of little vintage treasures such as the Grammophone, a Kimono, Scissor Glasses and more – executed in soft pastell colours and accompanied by words written in Bodoni, one of the most beautiful typefaces. Click here to view them in House of Beatniks webshop!

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Last night at midnight to the 1st of March 2014 our new store opened. We hope you get inspired and find something awesome to hang on your wall. Buy now and you get 15% off as an opening discount. Just hit the ‘webshop’ button above and your half way:-)


Love and respect //

House of Beatniks

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