Art and design is so much more than a beautiful picture or a stylish piece of furniture – it’s a visual expression of emotion, personality and dreams. Colours, shapes, textures – or simply some well chosen words. Whatever that makes something exciting happen inside. What we put on our walls can become a statement of our inner selves, our mood and aspirations. And isn’t it totally inspiring to walk into a home that really shows the personality of its owner?

At House of Beatniks we love art and beautiful, creative design. We create wall art and graphic posters that we hope others will connect with and we love promoting great style and inspiration from original artists, brands and personalized homes.

A warm welcome to the House of Beatniks, a place and destination where we hope you will find inspiration, energy – and something awesome to hang on your wall. Follow our blog for regular posts on home design, art and inspiration as well as news from our webshop.

Pernilla x

Founder and Creative Director

Inspired living & Design


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